The Mission of Ohana Institute is to respect the individual needs of all students, foster a caring and creative environment and use innovative technology to deliver an experiential, student-centered blended education model. Ohana recognizes the individuality of each child and that all children are creative and need to succeed. Ohana believes that the paths of learning include social, emotional, physical and intellectual development which invites the passionate pursuits of each individual student’s interests.

The Vision of Ohana Institute is to provide a personalized learning path that truly transforms education by discovering individual talents in an environment where students want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passion as a life path.

Ohana Institute was founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Burgtorf following several years of leading a community homeschool group with her children and other families who desired holistic-based learning supported by virtual classes and teacher support. Ohana was rooted in the premise of students being loved and supported as they seek to discover their passions, all the while growing in their educational journey through experiential learning.  Today, Ohana Institute provides a safe environment that fosters student success through blended learning and focusing on what they truly love.

Providing this type of unique education comes at a premium.  However, Ohana has always been committed to keeping tuition costs reasonable.  Therefore, The Ohana Institute Foundation (OIF) has formed in order to meet and exceed the financial needs that student tuition cannot cover.  The OIF believes in the Mission and Vision of Ohana and as such, is motivated to commit their time and resource to funding Ohana in its educational and growth pursuits.  These efforts include funding new student programs, travel experiences, scholarships, and specialty personnel costs.  Additionally, the OIF intends to provide funding support for a new facility with the build-out of a state-of-the-art learning environment.  The OIF intends to support these financial needs through the management of fundraising events, capital campaigns, and other private support.

Ohana Institute and Ohana Institute Foundation are both  501(c)3 organizations.

Donations are charitable contributions and are tax-deductible.


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