LETTYE BURGTORF - Founder, Ohana Institute & Board Member, Ohana Institute Foundation

Dear Ohana Institute Patron,

Exciting news! Ohana Institute will be moving to 30Avenue Fall of 2018! Since Ohana was founded in 2011, our mission has been to educate children in innovative ways and therefore encourage them towards finding their true passion. Ohana is a 501c3, fully accredited, private school. We are proud of the difference we have made in our community, and as a result, how much our Ohana Family has grown. As you know, we are building a freestanding, two-story school set to open for the 2018 – 2019 school year.  This state-of-the-art learning environment will be approximately 20,000 square feet and will be made possible by the support of generous donors who contribute to our annual capital campaign. This year’s goal of $1,500,000 will allow Ohana Institute to be equipped with interactive science labs, a new playground, outdoor greens, living spaces where the students can gather, a fully functioning kitchen, a performance stage, practice and recording studio spaces with Ohana Records, and so much more.

Being a part of this community is extremely valuable to us.  Our students, parents, and staff engage with various organizations throughout Walton County, including Amavida, who we partner with to provide an experiential entrepreneurship class, to Food For Thought, to working with the Muskogee Nation in Bruce, Florida to support their land transformation initiative.  Additionally, our students love to engage with locals and visitors alike through performing music at different local venues.

Ohana Institute’s goal is to provide a creative environment where learning happens organically. We believe that through individualized learning plans, students feel supported in all areas of their lives. We strive to allow this process to give students a strong sense of self-confidence that will go with them all the way through adulthood. Ohana’s excellent educators offer opportunities for students to follow their passion through many different avenues of learning including internships, blended learning, international travel, and electives all while focusing on core subjects that provide innovative ways to meet each student’s own unique needs.

We are not asking you to simply invest in our school; we are asking you to join us in continuing to manifest our vision and mission of pioneering a new education model in connection with the needs of our community. We believe our school shines bright in South Walton on 30A by being a part of growing this area and making an impact in the lives of everyone. In the years since Ohana was founded, we’ve created numerous new jobs and helped to build an experienced educated workforce which in turn brings growth and success to our community and the surrounding area. Today, many Ohana graduates have finished their college degrees and are returning to work alongside the many businesses and organizations here.

Ohana Institute appreciates you and your generosity. Please visit www.ohanainstitute.org to pledge your support by donating online, or fill out and return the enclosed donation form and check. Please be assured that your contribution will provide a cutting edge institution where students can learn comfortably, grow exponentially, and fulfill their wildest dreams! Thank you for your consideration and continued support.

Lettye Burgtorf

Lettye Burgtorf

Founder, Ohana Institute
Board Member, Ohana Institute Foundation


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