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"Extravagant and Family Oriented"

July 14, 2015




















How would I describe Ohana trips in one or two words? Extravagant and family-oriented. And the 2015 Spain trip lived up to and surpassed those words by far. The trip was organized by our very own Mr. Cory, Mrs. Beth, Mrs. Lou and Mrs. Lettye. They worked so hard to make the trip something that everyone would remember, and trust me, they did! There was always something for everyone to do and the history of all the cities we visited was very interesting. While we were there most of the students were able to and were encouraged to speak Spanish. As a now Spanish 3 student it was amazing how prepared we were to be able to speak the language. A big thanks to Mr. Cory for putting so much time and effort into this trip!  


Of course the history and the facts within the cities were interesting but the architecture, food and overall culture was just as amazing. Every meal we had was a traditional Spanish style cuisine that was a lot different than America’s everyday fast food restaurant. The architecture was definitely one of my favorite parts! I mean everywhere you walked you’d see beautiful churches and brightly colored buildings with balconies and flowers hanging over the edge. I loved how we were always walking around and especially how flexible everyone was.


One of my favorite parts of the trip was definitely the day we went up into the mountains and got to go on a biking tour. The bike ride ended up being about seven miles of breathtaking views that I’m sure everyone enjoyed. When we stopped for lunch there was a small river running right by our lunch space and once a few people were done eating we got into the water to cool off. And when I say this water was freezing I mean it was ice cold and super slick. The bottom of the river was covered in beautiful brightly colored rocks that were so smooth from the running water. Sadly we didn’t have as much time to explore more around the river but we quickly got back on our bikes and finished up our tour through some small caves and green trails that were just as refreshing. The biking tour was a great surprise and I would have done it over and over again if I could.


The 2015 Spain trip was my first Ohana trip that I’ve been on in my two years at the school and it is definitely in my top 5 favorite trips list. I absolutely loved the Spain trip and I look forward to many more Ohana trips that come. Again, another big thanks to Mr. Cory, Mrs. Beth, Mrs. Lettye and Mrs. Lou for putting together this amazing and extremely memorable trip!


~Haileigh Grinkmeyer





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