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Mike Sturdivant


Mike is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has been in private practice with the Destin Counseling Center for 15 years. Mike graduated from the University of Florida where he earned three degrees regarding Psychology and Education. Mike brings a wide range of psychology and other professional experience to our students. His broad work experience includes suicide and crisis intervention, university teaching, neuroscience bench research, substance abuse treatment, public school counseling, environmental education, as well as geology and marine biology research. The primary role of the Ohana Student Coach is largely preventive. The Student Coach meets with all students, parents, and teachers early in the school term and identifies specific strategies for supporting individual students. By listening to parents and reviewing records, not only can historical problems be identified, but also, clues as to what strategies have previously helped a child can be brought to light and implemented. The student coach also coordinates and refers students for any ancillary student services such as occupational therapy, tutoring, or psychological treatment.

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