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Lettye Burgtorf


Growing up in Spain, Puerto Rico and Alabama allowed me to experience many different cultures, languages and educational practices. Different parts of each school gave me a well rounded view of how people around the world learn curriculum needed for a successful life after high school. There were challenges I overcame through patience, love and understanding. I attended Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama where I received a BA in Art with a minor in Biology and Spanish. My life was an adventure where focusing on the positive prepared me to naturally choose to homeschool both my girls. Moving my family to Rosemary Beach brought homeschooling to another level. Other children became interested in homeschooling and before long my daughters, Hunter and Hannah, and I were joined in the learning process with other students in the area. This inspired me to create Ohana Institute. A school where everyone is loved and accepted and given the freedom to be who they are.

Experience the Different!