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Christie Stilwell


Christie Stilwell, a native of Michigan, obtained both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum from Michigan State University. Post-graduation, a MSU volunteer program put her in touch with a group of New Orleans students affected by Hurricane Katrina, and she quickly became invested in the revitalization and rebuilding efforts in Southeast Louisiana. Christie was inspired to move to St. Bernard Parish, a small community adjacent to New Orleans, and what began as a volunteer opportunity turned into 4 years of teaching high school English. New opportunities brought her to the Panhandle, and she has spent the last 5 years teaching high school English in a high-performing charter school in Bay County. Outside of the classroom, Christie stays busy as the owner of a small community yoga studio; she is passionate about the myriad healthful benefits of yoga and has an enthusiastic interest in all things related to health and wellness. At Ohana, Christie is excited to teach high school Humanities (a blend of English and World History) and Senior English.

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