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Sherri Rainer


As a school counselor, I received my masters in education from Auburn University and have spent the past ten years serving students and families in Auburn City Schools. One of my greatest passions is helping students discover their individual ways of living a well balanced and happy life. I am committed to encouraging students to become more self-aware as they grow socially, emotionally, and academically. My growing up years occurred just two hours from the South Walton area. I'm happy to say I have sunk my toes in the sand more times than I can count! In recent years, my husband and I have been coming to our home in Sandestin from Auburn as much as possible. As the youngest child entered the college world, we finally asked ourselves, "Why aren't we living here full-time?" The final nudge came when I discovered the amazing people and holistic educational environment of Ohana Institute. I am excited and privileged to serve as the part-time counselor for all students at Ohana with a focus on helping high school and rising high school students and their families plan and prepare for graduation requirements and college/career choices. I look forward to the days ahead! 

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